Who is the architect? Richard Meier [Visit Richard Meier's website HERE]

When was the house built? How long was the construction? The construction of the house began in the fall of 1993, and Howard Rachofsky moved in three years later in the fall of 1996.

How many square feet is the house? How many bedrooms are in the house? The house is roughly 10,000 square feet and contains one bedroom.

How many acres is the property? The house sits on approximately 3.25 acres of land.

How often does the installation (the work inside the house) change? On average, the artwork changes once a year. The reinstall typically takes place the first week of November.

Do the outdoor sculptures ever move/change? Very rarely. Most of the outdoor sculptures are site-specific works, created by the artist in relation to the house and the grounds.

How many works are in the collection? As of 2011, The Rachofsky Collection contains just over 700 works.

The two large trees in the backyard near the pond...what kind are they? Red Oak Trees

What kind of tree is used for the tall hedge along the driveway? Magnolia trees make up the tall hedge that runs along the driveway up to the south edge of the house. They were grown off-site as the house was under construction. The geometric line of trees softens into a curving mix of trees at the southwest corner of the house and wraps around the property.

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